How to identify the quality of garage door panels

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Garage door plays an important role in our daily life. They can not only protect our family property, but also effectively isolate the outside environment and temperature. Although there are many types of garage doors, I believe that when most people choose to buy a garage door, they will choose to buy a garage door with a “sandwich” structure. There are many styles of this kind of garage door, and various patterns and patterns can be made. Because of its sandwich structure (steel-PU foaming-steel), it not only ensures its concealment, but also isolates it from outside noise, and also has the function of isolation. hot sex. So today’s topic is how to identify the quality of garage door panels.


Usually the panel material is galvanized steel and PU foaming. The thickness of galvanized steel determines the firmness of the garage door, while PU foaming determines the thermal insulation performance. The garage door panels of our Master Well are all fully automated production, so the PU foam is very uniform, and the quality is also very stable, which also guarantees our production capacity. Fresh PU foaming should be pure white, not yellow, if the PU foaming part of the garage door you received is yellow, it means they used a long time ago stock, although various functions will not be affected, but who will want to get stale products?

2. Hardwares

As we all know, garage door hardwares are the heart of the whole garage door, without hardwares, a garage door can not even operate. According to the needs of customers and the design of the garage, the accessories of the garage door are different. If you distinguish the quality of the garage door, the most important thing is the raw material. Because most of the hardwares are made of carbon steel and galvanized steel, it is difficult to judge their quality with the naked eye, but you get what you pay for every penny. If you buy cheap garage door accessories, then his service life will also be greatly shortened.

3. Garage door motor

The garage door motor is optional when we buy the garage door, that is, we can buy the motor in the default configuration, or we can buy the brand motor in your local supermarket. The garage door motor is an electrical product, so it is also like other home appliances. Like electrical appliances, they require regular maintenance and replacement.

Today’s article is here, if you are interested in garage door products, or have any questions, please communicate and contact us in time. Thanks for watching and have a nice day

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