What can we do if the garage door loses power?

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When your garage door doesn’t open or work after a power failure, you may wonder what you can do to keep it running even if there is no electricity. It’s always a good idea to know how to manually open the garage door in the event of a power failure. However, you can avoid this panic and trouble by installing an automatic garage door opener with backup battery function.

Your garage door can work without electricity – you have to open it by hand. This is what can we do if the garage door loses power.

Pull the manual release rope

Almost all garage doors have a manual release function, which can bypass the opening mechanism in case of power failure or motor failure or garage door remote control failure. To trigger the manual release, locate the short rope hanging from the garage door track. It usually has a red T-shaped handle at the end. Pull this line to release the door from the drive chain or belt. This requires some force, but don’t hang on the rope, or you may damage the track.

For safety reasons, avoid pulling the manual release rope when the garage door is opened. If you have no other choice, open the door with a plank, remove all people and objects, and then release the door from the open position.

Make sure the garage door is unlocked

If you lock the garage door with a manual lock, check whether the door is locked at this time. If so, remove the lock so that you can open the door without causing damage.

Manually open the garage door

There should be a handle inside the garage door. Grab it and lift it up. When the door is disconnected from the opening mechanism, it should be easier for one person to lift the door to the fully open position.

After the power is restored, reconnect the door to the opener

Once the current flows to your bottle opener again, you need to reconnect the garage door so that you can automatically open it again. To do this, make sure that the car unit (the device connected to the garage door track) is located near the motor in the center of the garage ceiling. Ask one person to pull the manual release handle and the other person to push the garage door until the door clicks into the carriage.

Now do you know what can we do if the garage door loses power? Master well, master your door well. Anything we can help, please contact with us anytime.

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