5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Torsion Springs

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Does anything else in a home get the workout of a garage door opener? The door is called upon day after day to open and close, meaning the opener must move a heavy weight up and down multiple times. Little wonder that the torsion springs that do most of the heavy lifting for a garage door opener can get worn out and need replacement after less than a decade.

We’ve created this torsion spring replacement guide to help you determine when to replace garage torsion springs. Here are five signs that a set of springs is ready to go.
  1. You Hear the Garage Door Opener Strain
    When you notice the garage door making a strangled noise when it opens, that means something may be wrong with the springs.
  2. The Door Slams Shut Without Warning
    A garage door that closes suddenly may have a broken torsion spring.
  3. You Hear a Loud Popping Sound When the Door Is Closed
    Sometimes you will even hear the spring breaking. This potentially dangerous event happens most often when the spring is at full tension.
  4. The Door Feels Heavier
    The garage door’s weight hasn’t changed, but it may feel heavy and almost impossible to open if the springs have snapped.
  5. You Can’t Rest the Door in the Mid-Level Position
    If you try to pull the garage door to mid-level manually and it creeps up or falls down, that could mean the torsion springs are worn or damaged.

How Often Should You Replace Torsion Springs?
Most torsion springs last for 10,000 cycles. Depending on how frequently the door is activated, that could translate to nearly a decade or just a few years.

What Is the Lifespan of a Garage Door Torsion Spring?
There is no hard and fast rule for how long torsion springs will last. Let’s say a garage averages four cycles per day. At that rate, the springs will probably last for seven to nine years. But if you have a very heavy garage door, the springs could wear out after only four years. You can check the springs themselves for signs that they are weakening. If you notice gaps between the coils of the springs, they may need replacement.

Springs can also wear out more quickly if they are too big or too small for the garage door. Look for warning signs such as the door feeling heavy or flying up too quickly. Replacing the springs with a different size can lead to a much longer lifespan when they work correctly. Rebalancing the coils will sometimes prevent the need to replace them, usually if they were installed during cold weather.

You can’t repair a garage door spring after it breaks, so your only option is to replace the pair of springs at the same time. You want them both to experience the same amount of wear, which will maintain the safety of the garage door. When it comes time to remove the old springs and install the replacements, we strongly recommend that you consult a trained garage door technician.

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