How much do you know about garage door cable drums?

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The role of a garage door cable

Garage door pull wire ensures safe operation of high pressure springs. The spring on the garage door is strong and holds the tension the door needs to lift and close. These springs suffer general wear and tear over time. Worn springs can be a safety hazard because they can break. Homeowners who have experienced a broken garage door spring often refer to the sound as a loud popping sound.

If the spring breaks, the cable will protect it, allowing it to slide off instead of flying into the garage or, worse, onto a passer-by. Safety is the main reason why cables need to be in good working condition.

Frequently asked questions about garage door cables

1.What causes garage door cables to break?

The most common cause of garage door cable failure is wear and tear, which is unavoidable in all garage door systems. Other causes may be incorrect track alignment, leading to strain and corrosion in other components. The complex components of a garage door are like an ecosystem — if one area is frayed, damaged or misplaced, it affects the rest. If the garage door cables are damaged, it is best to avoid using the garage doors until a technician can replace them.

2.How long should a garage door cable last?

Depending on the number of garage door cycles and how often the garage is used, the cable should be used for 8-15 years. Following a regular maintenance schedule can extend the service life of garage door cables.

3.What happens if a garage door cable breaks?

When the garage door cable breaks, additional pressure and tension will be applied to the other cable, resulting in uneven or uneven lifting of the garage door. Some telltale signs of broken cables are garage doors that wobble or bend when lifted or closed.

4.What are garage door cables used for?

Garage door cables are used with torsion and stretch springs to balance the weight of the door. They are located on either side of the door and help to raise and close the door smoothly.

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