How to choose a good garage door

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, cars have entered ordinary people’s homes, and Master Well automatic garage doors have naturally entered our lives. Automatic garage door first appeared in Germany & Amercian and has begun to enter the Chinese market in recent years.

In the past, our concept of garage door was just a rolling shutter manual garage door. When it was opened, it would make a noisy noise and soon become rusty. In recent years, the automatic garage door has been slowly accepted by more users. It has fashionable appearance, simple operation and safe protective measures, and soon replaced the traditional manual rolling shutter door. A good garage door should have finger protection function, good sealing performance, resistance rebound function, manual opening function, anti prying, alarm function, etc.

Finger protection function is an important function, that is to do finger protection treatment at the junction of door panel and door panel. Once in Europe, more than 10000 cases of serious finger injuries were recorded in a year. Therefore, providing this finger protection device can ensure the safety of you and your family, which is very necessary to pay attention to.

The function of picking up when encountering obstacles is that the door will stop running and release obstacles when encountering obstacles during operation, which can effectively ensure the safety of people and vehicles. For example, when the door is in the process of closing and your car or son still stays under the door, the door will automatically pick up when encountering 5kg resistance during operation, so as to ensure the safety of your car and son.

The door opener can be said to be the heart of the garage door. The quality and performance of the door opener directly affect the quality and performance of the garage door. Therefore, the garage door with anti prying and alarm function and imported door opener should be selected as far as possible. Good door opener has the function of slow start and slow stop. This can prevent damage to the door body or door opener when the door is suddenly opened or closed, and prolong the service life. The service life can reach more than 90000 times. It has the function of automatic learning and memory, which can automatically calculate the different forces required for different opening heights. Therefore, the output tension of the door opener is changing during the opening process of the door.

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