Is it Possible to Have a Glass Garage Door?

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For sure you have thought about having a garage door made of glass at least once. If you did some research on the market you may have noticed that there are no offers when it comes to this product. The truth is that in theory it is possible to have an all-glass garage door, but reality begs to differ.

Why aren’t there any glass garage doors?

If you do research the matter you might see that the garage doors you find are sectional garage doors made of aluminum frames that come with inserts of glass or polycarbonate which give the impression of a door made of glass only. Naturally, we also have to take into consideration that there are some places where the law doesn’t allow constructors to use glass right above the heads of the people passing by.

What is that you can find on the market?

If you are determined to have a glass garage door, most probably you will get a sectional garage door. It is common for the manufacturers to achieve a glass-like surface by using toughened acrylic. At the moment there are two main options for you to achieve a glass door. One of the options is to use a sectional door that comes with glazing sections which make the door look like it is made of glass. The second solution is to have a trackless sectional door that has glazed panels.

In order to make the door lightweight, easy to operate and modern, the majority of the manufacturers use aluminum. If you want to make sure that you have the glass door that you always wanted but you have some privacy as well, you might want the glazing to have a smoky effect. The only downside of these garage doors is that you need to place a special order for them and they are usually made only in large sizes as they use the mechanism of industrial garage doors.

Other options for special garage doors

If this isn’t exactly what you had in mind, you might also consider the trackless sectional doors. In this case the door has a counterbalance weight system, which is able to lift the two panels vertically without using internal tracking. This solution is suitable for your home if you have a high ceiling. Usually the frame of the garage door is made of timber. The advantage of this material is that it is durable and the homeowners can choose from numerous different colors to match the style of their home.

Privacy and security

Some might have concerns regarding the glass garage doors. As it has already been mentioned, these are made of toughened materials so they offer some degree of sound and heat insulation. In order to have as much privacy as possible, it is best to choose the garage doors that come with a smoky color.

Although it’s not possible to have a garage door made only of glass, there are several alternatives that look just as good and that are highly functional.

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