Garage Door Torsion Spring and Cones

Master Well Garage Door Torison Spring is mounted to the headroom above the garage, which is responsible for the door raise and lower.


Garage door torsion spring tights when door is closing

Balance the garage door and increase the life cycle

Store mechanical energy with the garage door steel cable

More heavier and larger door needs more thicker torsion spring



Suitable for

Residential Garage Door

Sectional Industrial Door




With the suitable torsion spring, could lift up the garage door manually

Garage door torsion springs have right hand wound and left hand wound, left hand wound is installed on the right side, right hand wound is installed on the left side from inside



Material Carbon Steel, Manganese Steel
Surface Treatment Hardening, Powder Coating, Electroplating, Nickel
Inner Diameter 1 3/4’’, 2’’, 2 5/8’’ up to 7 5/8’’
Wire Diameter .192’’, .207’’, .218’’ up to .473’’
Spring Length Up to 144’’
Packing Inner: Waterproof plastic bag
Outer: Wooden case or wooden pallet
Cycle Life 10000-18000 cycles
OEM Stenciling and color codes available


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