What are the types of garage doors?

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What are the types of garage doors?

Choosing a new garage door is an important step in the replacement process. You want to keep your setup running for many years and complement the rest of your home. Here are some of the most common material choices for residential garage doors.

1. Steel garage door

Steel garage doors are ideal for homeowners who need a durable installation. These garage doors are low maintenance and affordable, and you can usually choose from a variety of colors. Most devices allow you to add insulation to increase the R value. Properly maintained steel doors will not sag or rust.

2. Fiberglass garage door

If you want a natural wood look with no maintenance requirements, fiberglass garage doors may be your best bet. Some fiberglass door materials have realistic wood grain textures and panels.

If you live in a hot environment and pursue the beauty of natural wood, you might purchase fiberglass roof doors. The components above your head will be light and can be opened and closed manually. Use a clear protector every few years to help your door look nice.

3. Aluminum garage door

Aluminum garage door material provides a modern style. Aluminum overhead door surface height can be customized, product weight is lighter than steel. A notable advantage of aluminum garage doors is that they rust naturally.

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