What kinds of garage door locks are?

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People use garages to store valuables such as vehicles, tools and yard equipment. Locking your garage door with a lock should be a priority. No matter what you do with your garage, you definitely want to prevent thieves from entering. That’s for sure. Many types of garage door locks exist to ensure the safety of your overhead door. Each lock has a unique purpose to protect your home from theft. If your garage is connected to your home, it is more important to protect your home properly. This article introduces different garage door locks.

T-handle lock

As one of the most common and popular garage door locks, T-shaped handle lock is just like its name – a “t” shaped handle. It has a key lock mechanism, which means that the door cannot be opened without the correct key. Usually this is a separate handle, but these locks can be installed on each side of the garage door as a dead bolt system to increase protection. This locking mechanism uses a cylindrical key that is difficult to copy to operate the door handle, rather than using a traditional key to unlock. On the inside of the door, there is a cable system connected to two bolts. These bolts are fixed to the rail and are released only when the “t” handle lock is turned. To turn the handle, the correct key must be used.

Slide Locks

Sliding lock, also known as side lock, side bolt and bolt, is a popular garage door lock with high cost performance in the current market. It applies to most garage doors and is easy to install with suitable materials and tools. This type of lock is installed from the inside, making it invisible. The sliding lock is installed at the end of the garage door, and the latch passes through the vertical track. The most common locks used to secure head top doors are sliding locks or latches. The lock uses a latch that slides from the garage door into a pre cut hole in the vertical rail. This prevents the door from rising when the door lock is activated. Sliding locks are not recommended for use with automatic garage door openers. Homeowners often forget that the sliding lock has been opened when they are in an open garage. In the process, their motor will be burned and the top part of the garage door will be bent.

In addition to these two common locks, there are other types of locks: emergency lock, manual lock, swivel latch, auto latch, etc.

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